Aesthete ("somebody who perceives things"), according to the dictionary an aesthete is someboday who is especially attracted to being well-groomed, to beauty, to the arts, which is also shown in his way of life.
Here in Franconia we would simply say. "Der had fei an gouden G'schmack" (=has taste)

If you are not a conceited snob, in whose head even the sound wouldn't stand a chance, you won't call yourself an aesthete, of course. On other words: I didn't coin the word myself, and it needn't be adequate, either. But I was called an aesthete by my former boss as a result of some faultless and extremely elegant hardware and software jobs which excited the rest of the department very much. I remember the desperate faces of my colleagues very well, and their crying fits, which could not soothe the hopeless situation, however.
All the beautiful artistical performance boards and the well structured programmes with their clear commentary lines i've made - oh, what a wonderful time it was. The praise by our boss was not so important to me. Not at all. Because I work for money not for being praised. My answer to the choking voice of my boss - who always whispered. "Thomas, you are an wonderful goodishlike aesthete.." was always the same: "Stand up and stop kissing the seam of my clothes ... and take a handkerchief." O.K. that's all about snobism.

I wanted to explain to you, what an aesthete is. In any case, the word was picked up by my colleague. And since I had just moved to my first own apartment at that time, I made a joke of it and when I ordered a telephone I wrote down on the form that my profession was being an aesthete. Of course, I didn't think, that they would accept it, but they did. Since that time you can find the word "asthete" beside my name in the telephone book and even on CD-ROM.

I'm sure you will say now that at that time there was the postal office, whereas today TELECOM is handling communication things, and such an entry cannot be pinned on such clever supporters of high tech speech.

Or can it still be possible? Just try when you have to move next time. I'm really looking forward to your e-mails about the successful entry.

2002: Well, it still works. Congratulations for the aesthete Jürgen L. from B.