Berimbau & Didgeridoo

The Berimbau comes from Brazil - and has an interesting sound. A Kalebasse
(I donīt know the English word for this wooden fruit... something like a pumpkin...)
is fixed with a chord on a wooden bow with a metal string. With a small stone you can stop the string, while the other hand rhythmically strikes it with a stick, and operates a rattle at the same time.

The Didgeridoo, or Didjeridu, comes from Australia. Everyone knows the sound of this wind instrument by now. I have owned my first Didgeridoo since January 1988. (I bought it at the Aboriginal Art Shop Mbantua in Alice Springs) The bamboo Didg in the picture is one of perhaps 6 or 8 instruments, which I made myself. The Didgeridoo is easy to play, if you know the trick with the permanent breathing . It is much more difficult, however, to let the basic tone turn into one of the two overtones, or the other way round.
(You can perfectly hear this effect in the piece "Hold on" by the group Outback on their CD: Baka)