My first compositions! These works came into existence with an instrument in my hands. Surely, today I would try to arrange the formal structure differently, but at that time I was quite pleased with them, and I have remained so up to now..

If you once try to play the pieces, and have the right feeling, perhaps you´ll think exactly the same. Perhaps then you can even symphatize with the Etude Nr.2, which might seem a little bit boring at first sight.

Some opinions of guitarists
(and my reactions):

"I finally had a chance to read through your music, and it´s lovley."
(Lovely... no criticism can be more severe than that)

"I've tried the pieces one after the other and I find them very pretty."
(Very pretty : Does the writer mean lovely in the end?)

"I've found some beautiful parts in your pieces, particularly in the étude No.2.... I would like to advise you to study the musical form. Many of your works seem to me too much dependent on the guitar."
(the same as above in other words)

Of course, there were also different comments on my music, but this seemed to me the quintessence. By the way, I'm grateful to this guitarists for their frankness. At least those belong to the minority of musicians (approx. 8%), who took their time to answer - which shows their professionality and their commitment.

If someone is interested in the most important components of a concert guitar, he is welcome to take a view on my animated classical guitar . Unfortunately you'll need an Internet Explorer for that.