Animated by a very good concert of Markus Simon (singer) and Dr. Paul Sturm (piano) in May 1999 on Almoshof castle (a castle near Nuremberg), I composed "Abend am See" (=Evening at the lake) and "Frage" (=Question).

By the way, a well-known pianist wrote to me about Evening at the lake: "... It appears to me rather like a party at the lake, and doesn't correspond to the evening mood the title refers to in any way."

There is actually no general evening mood - at whatever lake. At a lakeshore we can collect very different impressions in the evening. You'll see people who walk around quietly as well as roistering grill fans, who suffer from too much beer, too much grilled pork and too much sun. All can be found there. And so, I've only tried to convert Jünger's words into music!

However, she also wrote: "your music isn't uninteresting, but cannot easily be classified at the moment..."

I would be glad if she were right.