Hyperlinks to interesting people, who live only half a micrometer behind your monitor glass. Honestly!

By the way, the hyperlink-texts reflect my opinion and donīt have to conform with the opinions of the respective site owners.
The hyperlinks are in chronological order.

 Moritz Eggert 

Composer & pianist. The Beethoven of our time - although not yet so well-known at the moment! He lives as a free lance artist in... well, actually he lives in airplanes, trains and hotels, since he is in rather high demand as a composer & pianist. If you haven't heard about him yet, just take a look at his calendar on his website from time to time. I'm sure he'll also perform in your neighbourhood sooner or later!

 Wolfgang Lendle 

Guitarist, paedagogue and composer. He has already given concerts and master courses all over the world. If you listen to his sensitive interpretation, you could cry for luck. (... and for rage, because you will never be able to play the guitar in such a way yourself. Never!)

 Klaus Jäckle 

another guitarist. He gives few lessons, and concentrates on his CD-productions and concerts. Here he was already on tour with Los Romeros. He has a guitar pupil, who comes to his lessons from America several weeks a year.

 Fritz Lang 

A painter and a graphic artist, who lives in Fuerth.
Colour flows through his veins!

German Music
Information Centre

The online information system of the MIZ (German Music Information Center) gives access to a gigantic database, containing information about competitions, festivals, theaters, organisations, musicians, periodicals. In short: it is an invaluable tool for any person looking for information related to the musical life in Germany (and elsewhere).

 Jürgen Schwenkglenks 

Guitarist, composer and percussionist.
His heart beats in the rhythm of South America.

 Museum of the musical instruments of the nations 

The MIM is located in St.Gilgen/Austria at lake Wolfgang. Numerous instruments from all over the world are shown there.


Music Database - not only for Austria!

 Musiksuche  German Music Database!
 Die Hamburger Gitarrenseite 

Everything here is about the guitar, guitar music, instruction, study, hints and tricks, concert dates, etc.
Despite the name the site is not restricted to Hamburg.


Yes, the GIGAmesh... it exists! Nobody knows, what heinous crimes against humanity will be done on this website, but one thing is sure: Atanasio Khyrsh has warned us all!


Marc Lamberg presents music for the guitar and the piano by himself as well as many hyperlinks to other people, who likewise offer guitar and piano music on their sites.

 Michael Lucarelli 

Michael Lucarelli is an american guitarist and composer. He presents music for the guitar by himself and some Information about his work as well as many hyperlinks to other guitar player.

 Ulrich Sommerrock 

plays the lute, teaches English and Religious Instruction. He is the artistic director of the Ingolstadt-based project "Music in the Museum". On his homepage you can find his concerts, mp3 examples of some of his CDs as well as other information.

 Henry Kellners  Percussion Studio 

An ingenious programme for realizing one's own rhythms quickly and simply. Anyone playing congas, djembe or a similar instrument should try it. Downloading the test version (created by Henry Kellner) as well as 300 rhythms and about 150 instruments is free. Existing rhythms can be played and changed, and you can try your own ideas. After you have paid a fair registry fee you can also save your own creations.

 Titebond Europa 

I repaired my sitar with Titebond glue and Titebond filler with the help of Uli (Dr. Ulrich Sommerrock). Titebond products for the repair of musical instruments are not on the market in Germany, but must be ordered via internet.

 Indische Instrumente 

Tarang offers a complete programme of Indian instruments, a really exemplary service and many courses, spare parts, useful information and an international list of music and dance teachers.

 Uwe Strübing 

he is - so to speak - the modern Spitzweg of music; he is a composer and pharmacist. He composes excellently and is an extraordinarily nice fellow. My favourites of his music samples are "Bildnisse im Eis" (portraits in the ice) and "Magnificat".